My name is Jannetje. I am a twenty-two year old wife, photographer, writer and blogger from Texas who is living a life that she loves. I am a follower of Christ and a lover of simple things. My husband is my sun and stars. You can email me at

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Song of Solomon 4:7


Anonymous asked: Dear Santa, ...

Dear Santa,

I would really like some new camera equipment and perhaps a new camera body to go along with the one I have now. Thank you!

sequinscrave asked: Omgosh you look sooooo gorgeous in your wedding grown of just you with the veil over your face. ❤❤❤ I can see that day was sooo magical and beyond amazing for you!

Thank you so much!

porcelaindoll-xo asked: Are you a self taught photographer? n- n

Yes and no. I only received 2/3 months training under a local photographer as her assistant. 99.99% of the things I know are self taught.